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Fact: While most fires start from smoking materials, the top reason for residential fire-related injuries and structural damage is from cooking equipment.

We are always prepared to mitigate the damage caused by fire disaster to your home or business. We will quickly assess the situation and promptly provide you with a professional evaluation of damage to your property.

Our highly trained and specialized technicians are the top of their field in helping you to recover your business, home or property. We will quickly evaluate the impact of fire damage to your property and provide you with an assessment of recommended restoration services. We are committed to working with your insurance adjuster to finish all repairs and restoration efficiently, with follow up quality checks on every service performed.

Experiencing damage from fire and smoke can be difficult, and we understand how you feel. Whether this damage occurs in your home or business, it’s always frustrating and can be overwhelming. Fortunately, Madison Avenue Construction Corp goes with you step by step throughout the process of restoring everything back the way it was before the damage. Our qualified professionals have years of experience and advanced techniques to help repair the damage from fire and smoke, restoring your home or business quickly and efficiently so you can be stress free.